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                                  How to Hire a Great Handyman When looking to hire a handyman, it is imperative that you find someone you can develop an ongoing relationship with. It's great to have a skilled handyman you can trust to repair or upgrade things at your house when needed. A professional and courtesy handyman makes your home better. When choosing for the perfect handyman for the job, here is a basic checklist to consider before hiring:     ·         Read Reviews:   Great work speaks for itself through positive online reviews from previous and current customers. Look for a company with an array of experience ·         Work Experience:   If you need to replace a leaky faucet or garbage disposal, look for a handyman who has successfully installed faucets and disposals. You don't want your home to be their first faucet or garbage disposal installation. ·         Discuss Rates:   Have the handyman provide you with an estimate first. That w

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